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FEATURED: Avignon Bag by Hebe Manila

Tired of having to carry you digital SLR cameras in professional-unfashionable-looking camera bags? Are you one of those people who put your expensive cameras inside backpacks with no padding and risking it to be damaged? Then you are like me. But I’ve got a fash solution for you gals and guys out there.

My fashion and shutterbug dilemma was solved by Hebe Manila! The name Hebe (/hee-bee/), meaning goddess of youth, for me stays true to their youthful pastel-colored shoes and bags. Their online shop in Facebook offers their flats and their Limited edition Avignon bags. And that’s where I saw the perfect bag for my shutterbug needs.


Just this morning I got myself this All Bone Avignon bag which serves as my on-the-go camera bag which could fit my Niiko Zara (Nikon D60 + Tamron 17-50mm lenses), Nokia X2-01, and my Girlshoppe translucent plastic wallet.

To my surprise, when I was checking all the bags, CJ of Hebe Manila, told my friend Gaily and I that the Avignon bags weren’t really intended to serve as a camera bag. They thought of it just as a “cute box-shaped bag”. Unexpected but as I see it, these bags were a big hit, catering to those fashionable photographers out there.

The bags are of different colors, actually I think six if I am not mistaken. All Bone, Bone+Old Rose(Pastel Pink, for me), Bone+Turquoise, Brown+Blue, Brown+Floral and Charcoal+Blue(which my friend Gaily bought). See the Avignon bags here.

The Hebe Manila’s Avignon leather box bag’s dimensions are approximately 9x4x3.5 inches with a 25-inch strap. The inside is lined with a pearl colored silk cloth(see above).

So if this is what you need then what are you waiting for, go get yourself one while the limited stocks last.


I am a very pleased and satisfied customer of Hebe Manila and I really hope that they could come up with another, yet better version of their cute bags. 

P.S. Maybe this time it would really be intended for cameras! *Laughs*

Contact Hebe Manila!

Facebook fan page: http://www.facebook.com/hebemanilaa

Tumblr: Hebe Manila

Email: hebemanila@gmail.com

And follow them on Twitter for updates!

Messy hair but still oh so gorgeous. Hercules&#8217; Megara :)

Messy hair but still oh so gorgeous. Hercules’ Megara :)



University of the Philippines Diliman Ultimate Organization.

University of the Philippines Diliman Ultimate Organization.